OPEN MUSEUM opening on 24.09.2010

Christoph Faulhaber
World Expo // Bilder einer Ausstellung

Opening: Friday, Sep. 24th, 2010, 7.30–9.00pm
Exhibition: Sep. 25th until Oct. 18th, 2010

Open Museum
Pulverteich 8 – 16
D–20099 Hamburg

In his solo show at Open Museum, Hamburg, Christoph Faulhaber is presenting his new project: The Palau Triptych.
The center piece (Blue Sky – Palau) is a documentary movie shot in Palau. In November 2009, six ex-detainees from the US Prison in Guantánamo Bay have been released to Palau, which is known for its sparkling water, shiny beaches and beautiful diving spots. Faulhaber traveled to the tiny island nation of Palau in the South Pacific to visit the six men, which are part of the uighur minority in western China. He interviewed their Australian interpreter and his Excellency, the President of Palau.


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