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Strange Forces and the History of Colour TV

Montag, 24. September 2012

kenconsumer, Heavy Mental, and Baltic Raw present an evening of outstanding wild music. The Open Museum will be in ruins, but the spirit of the exhibition will remain.

Strange Forces
Strange Forces influences range from Spacerock to obscure New-Age Prophecies. It sounds like a black sanded beach below 20 suns. It’s mulitdimensional dark-surf, powered by Peyeote and driven by dark matter induced by their pineal gland. Strange Forces deliver a washed out Lo-Fi Psychedelic experience channeling organic and digital sounds from one swell to another.

The History of Colour TV
“A less specific nostalgia drenches this creamy slab of hypnagogic shoegaze. They explicitly reference the ideas of a past ‘yet to be’ and a forgotten future; combined with the pelagically reverberant, historically dislocated guitar soup of their sound, this positions them pretty clearly at the a-chronic saturation point of cultural reflection described so precisely by Simon Reynolds in Retromania. Whatever they’re nostalgic for has never happened, and what’s more, it’s hard to avoid reading these sounds as nostalgic for an already nostalgic moment, when the first wave of shoegaze re-enacted the sonic and psychic distance of their own inspirational sources in the glimmering fog of their contrarian studio artifice. Of course, I’m writing from an obsolete perspective, where pop has to do something entirely novel every week, and that’s no longer possible; The History Of Colour TV are practitioners of a musical language that by any normal standards has only just been established, and they do an admirable job of exploring the wrinkles of its remaining potential. This is a blood-temperature aural bath, evoking an unexplored place and time, as familiar as the womb.”