Kolonie glückliche Erde [Artgenda]

KOLONIE GLÜCKLICHE ERDE [colony happy earth]
Is an exhibition project around a former industrial area, very close to the harbour and the city of Hamburg. Each participating artist will colonize and establish its art. The positionmap indicates this area close to blockbau ­ an OFF-place for concerts, art, performing ­the basic station for KOLONIE.

the artgenda township
The basic idea is, to offer each artgenda-city / artists their own plot of land, including a little house T-Hütte / T-House and building-material. Finally there will be about 18 settled colonies, created and assembled by all artgenda participants/towns.
The artists are invited for a common and processlocated work ­they might find collaboration with others ­ a situation of dialog and experience, build by the functions and configurations from each artist.
All of them starting investigations, explorations in different and individual forms. The place unites the multiple and multinational character of the biennale.

co-operative action
A co-operation between other existing projects the artgenda or especially between KOLONIE-projects is welcome (exchance of programs, space-continued process work, stepping stations, representation of favourites, etc.).
We expect a patchwork of different styles and forms,languages and treatments of perception.

KOLONIE: a permanent spectacle
KOLONIE means a garden of independent and co-existent projects, bringing together and give an expression of baltic identities, fragments and the idea of artgenda ­ represented at a central and selfconfigurated estate. While argenda, when KOLONIE is being celebrated, there should be a daily program of openings, film-screenings, performances, music and other events, depending from the [kolonie-] artist subjects and from co-ordinated artists around the artgenda too.